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Through laborious and deliberate action we shape the raw and wild with tame calculation. Students in the art of precision. Stewards of the operations. Each work we become better.

Each work, a ritual...

Mitch Ham


Mitchel is the designer, welder, builder, thinker, creative, artist behind Ritual Steel and Wood Works.


In 2020, he started Ritual when he couldn't find a desk durable enough to meet his standard for form and function. Not only was the first piece strong, it was elegant and proved its timeless appeal to many others since.

He has an engineer's mind and an artist's heart. His love for craftsmanship and lifelong obsession with precision comes to life in the shop to create the stunning work you see here at Ritual.

Carrigan Ham

marketing director

What's more wholesome than a husband / wife team? Carrigan is the wiz behind the keyboard, the witch of the web. Mitch makes stunning art and Carrigan calls eyes to it.


Our rituals define us. Some craft, compose, draft, revise, laugh, labor, or serve. But no matter what the ritual may be, it is done with care and it is done with love because the rituals are a part of us. They communicate that which is important to us. How we spend our time and the creations we produce, the fellowship we share and where we share it, is an extension of our spirit.Through careful and deliberate actions, we create with loving hands and pure intention. These rituals we make are for yours.



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