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custom studio desk

steel and wood works

Custom Made
Furniture and Signage

Elemental + Timeless

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custom made dining table

Custom Furniture

We make desks, dining tables, chairs, side tables, coffee tables, and more, from NC lumber. All design and woodwoork, and welding are done in house. Choose from various hardwoods in stock, custom dimensions, and stain options to create the perfect piece.

custom made steel sign

Custom Signage

Using a CNC plasma cutter, our signs are cut, and composed to your exact specifications.

Many additional customizations are available including: laser wood engraving, wood backing, 2-layer steel with or without visible hardware, and LED backlighting.


Through laborious and deliberate action we shape the raw and wild with tame calculation. Students in the art of precision. Stewards of the operations. Each work we become better.

Each work, a ritual...

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custom made coffee table steel and wood
What we strive for...
custom executive desk steel and wood

When i imagined what I wanted in a desk, this is exactly what I pictured!

Hunter Brown

handmade gift box wood and steel

My card box is such a well crafted piece, unique and timeless. A perfectly designed gift!

Carrigan Chastain

laser cut steel business sign

I totally love the piece that Ritual made for me!!!! And I constantly get compliments on my steel sign!! I highly recommend them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Angela Smith

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